Who is Your Historical Valentine?

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Who is Your Historical Valentine?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to create a fun (and sarcastic) quiz to help you discover your historical Valentine!

For your Valentine would you prefer..

What's your sign?

What is your favorite type of tv show?

Which sounds the most appetizing?

What is your ideal Valentine's Day date?

Would you be willing to marry into royalty?

Do you like nature?

Do you want children?

If history is written by the victors is that good or bad?

Are you a hopeless romantic?

Who is Your Historical Valentine?
Lord Byron

You are someone who lives for drama and passion, making Lord Byron the Valentine for you! Lover of both men and women, Lord Byron was once called "mad, bad and dangerous to know" by a former flame. He was not one to hold back from sharing his views about the world and others, which means you'll get the truth when asking his opinion on clothes. Also, as the author of "Don Juan", he should have a trick or two up his sleeves...
Henry VIII

Henry VIII

Now King Henry VIII gets a bad rap due to his six wives, but clearly this is a man that is determined to achieve his goal of having a son. If you are looking for someone with drive and determination, Henry is a perfect match! When he faced obstacles of marrying Anne Boleyn, he just created a new religion! His downsides are that he is very clearly in love with being in love and has a weakness for Catherine/Katherines, but that can be a perk if that's your name! I hope you enjoy watching jousting tournaments, disbanding monasteries, and have wide birthing hips because, the infamous King of England is the Valentine for you!
Annie Oakley

You have a zest for life and are always up for an adventure, which makes Annie Oakley the gal for you! She was an expert sharpshooter who traveled the world entertaining thousands, so be prepared to hear some amazing anecdotes. Annie Oakley had the confidence and spunkiness to prove that anything men could do, she could do better! With Annie Oakley as your Valentine you know she'll never miss the mark on love.
Julius Caesar

You are looking for a strong leader that tries to see the big picture and enjoys being in the spotlight. With Julius Caesar you'll never have an idle moment and will have the chance to explore new countries for the glory of the Roman Empire. Just beware the eyes of friends who are jealous of his acclaim. Why not take a stab at love with Julius Caesar as your Valentine?
Attila the Hun

Sure, Attila the Hun may seem a little abrasive at first meeting and family reunions may seem a little overwhelming. But he's a natural born leader who is willing to take charge and pick a restaurant for the two of you to eat at. Dates will often include spending time in nature doing various activities like horseback riding, archery, and conquering your enemies. It's clear the dream honey for you this Valentine's Day is Attila the Hun!
Marie Antoinette

No need to lose your head on this pairing with Marie Antoinette! You appreciate the finer things in life and your motto is "treat yo' self." As a duo you two will always find ways to make life feel luxurious and she'll always encourage you to take time for self care. Just be wary that you don't overindulge too much, so take time to ground yourself--perhaps at a palatial farm. With Marie Antoinette as your Valentine life will be a piece of cake!
Julia Child

You enjoy the sweeter things of life and understand the importance of humility! That mixed with an appreciation for a wry, self-deprecating sense of humor makes Julia Child the sweetheart for you! She continually had a zest for life and believed that through patience perfection can be achieved. Not the most traditional of women, she could hold her own in any kitchen or government scenario. Nothing can be sweeter than having Julia Child as your Valentine!

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